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Wedding Band or Wedding Deejay

By Anna Lynn Sibal

This is a question that often trips engaged couples over when planning their wedding: to provide the music for their wedding party, should they hire a band or a deejay?

There are obvious advantages and disadvantages with both choices. But because the music for your wedding party is important to set the mood for the entire affair, a couple planning to get married should consider what choice to make carefully.

Getting a band to play the music for your wedding is great because live music is always awesome in setting the tone of the wedding. Having a live band to dance to, more often than not, gets the guests in the mood for dancing. Also, a live band can easily adjust to the general mood of the guests, whether they are still raring for something fast and fancy, or if they are already tired and want things to slow down a little.

And perhaps the most awesome thing about a band is that a bridal couple can hire one to suit their wedding theme. If they want a Celtic-themed wedding, they can hire a band that specializes in Celtic music. If they want the romance of string instruments, they can hire a string quartet. If they want to go all out, nothing can stop them from hiring an entire orchestra.

The thing with hiring a live band, however, is that they can be expensive. So, if the couple is pinching their budget, getting a live band to play at their wedding may not be a good idea. And because they are loud, neither is a live band a good option if the party is to be held at a small place.

Deejays are great regardless of the size of the venue. The price they go for is a lot cheaper from hiring a live band (check out Topshelf Music for the price), and they have hundreds of tracks to choose from for wedding party music. So if any of the guests at the party have a request, it will be easy for the deejay to pop the disc in and play the song. A good deejay also knows how to create segue ways between songs.

A deejay has to be really good to get a party going. Certainly everyone has heard of stories about the awful deejay who does not pay attention to how the party is coming along or completely ignores the instructions of the bridal couple, somehow souring the atmosphere of the party. The problem with a lot of deejays is that many of them have their routines memorized that instead of customizing their programme, they get lazy and resort to what is their usual.

Eventually, the choice of which to hire to provide music for a wedding, whether a live band or a deejay, all depends on the budget and preference of the bride and groom. Regardless of whether a live band or a deejay is engaged, as long as the provider of the music is given proper instructions and the provider is made to understand that they should follow these instructions, everything will be just fine.

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